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Nothing beats the proficiency of NYC Sidewalk Repair, when it comes to repairing Westchester sidewalks. We are the veritable authority regarding sidewalk installation and repair in Westchester and New York.

Being one of the best-rated sidewalk contractors and service providers in Westchester means that all our clients regard us with great respect. We do not disappoint them either. We specialize in sidewalk services, including pressure washing, sealing, and caulking. At the same time, we also focus on offering concrete crack repair and concrete joint repairs. In addition, we also provide asphalt driveway sealing and asphalt crack repair.

We are a full-service sidewalk repair contractor offering a wide range of services to help you get up and running again in no time!


Whether replacing, repairing, or cleaning your sidewalks, we are experts at what we do. We have the experience and the expertise necessary to properly take care of all your issues so that you can beat your timeline and have your business open in no time. When we say sidewalk repair, we do mean your entire sidewalks!

Westchester Violation Removal

We know no one wants to deal with a violation, but things happen. Luckily for you, we do because we know how to eliminate violations. We can remove violations for you, help you with repairs, or help you get back on track. We understand that sidewalk repair can be inconvenient and that sometimes you need help immediately to shut violations down. Let us do your dirty work so you can relax!

At NYC Sidewalk Repair company in Westchester, we specialize in to-the-letter compliance so that you can avoid gaining violations anytime soon. We are safe, efficient, and ready to finalize you in no time. You can be assured of quality work as we are certified and thus must adhere to stringent safety procedures to maintain our credibility and yours. When you have us on the job, you have the sidewalk and violation problem taken care of!

Westchester Sidewalk & Curb Work

Sidewalk and curb installation, repair, and replacement are part of what we do best here at NYC Sidewalk Repair company in Westchester. We understand that many businesses rely on your sidewalks, which are a crucial part of your business image. We implement the best techniques to ensure that your business runs efficiently and that you get the sidewalk you need to run smoothly.

We give you the service that you deserve. You do not have to be in despair as long as you are not getting the results you want in your sidewalk repair. As a Westchester sidewalk repair contractor, we have what it takes to get you the results you want, regardless of whether it is concrete sidewalk repair, asphalt sidewalk repair, masonry sidewalk repair, or granite sidewalk repair.

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