DOT Sidewalk Violation Repairs NYC

Department of Transportation violations can be extremely expensive, and illegal sidewalk repair in NYC often invites additional penalties for the property owner from NYC agencies. It is why it is so important to know the difference between sidewalk removal and sidewalk violations and to hire a company that specializes in broken sidewalk repair in NYC.

Sidewalk violations are the most common way DOT regulations affect sidewalks in New York City because they involve proper care and usage. Sidewalk removal, by contrast, consists in removing portions of the sidewalk or entire sidewalks for any number of reasons. New York City DOT regulations also sometimes affect sidewalks’ removal. Consulting with a contractor sidewalk violation removal in New York City before doing any difficult sidewalk removal in NYC is critical by law. It is the safest and most efficient way to avoid litigation.

New York City DOT Sidewalk Violation Removal Services by Professional

  • In NYC Sidewalk Repair company, we provide professional sidewalk and sidewalk violation solutions by experienced DOT technicians. DOT violations are classified as defective, dangerous, or unnecessary.
  • When repairing them involves using heavy machinery of any kind, there are always safety risks that must be addressed and eliminated before we can begin work. Property owners are responsible for the welfare of every pedestrian on our city’s sidewalks. Because of this, most DOT sidewalks in NYC must be examined by professional sidewalk repair crews for any defects and dangerous conditions.
  • Proper sidewalk inspection is essential to sidewalk removal because when a sidewalk must be removed, it is often necessary to carefully remove, disassemble and transport it to property the owner’s yard. DOT violations often involve concrete or asphalt.
  • If the sidewalk in question turns out to be too dangerous to repair, DOT regulations also require the sidewalk to be removed rather than repaired.

New York City Sidewalk Violation Repairs by Skilled DOT Inspectors

NYC Sidewalk Repair has an experienced and highly competent DOT sidewalk removal team skilled in sidewalk violations. We repair sidewalks damaged by vehicles, vandalism, and even new construction. Upon arrival, they can quickly decide if repairs are warranted or if the sidewalk must be removed entirely. We’re licensed and insured, and a Certificate of Insurance covers all our work. We provide all types of sidewalk repair services including sidewalk to driveway repair, DOT sidewalk violation removal to 4500 PSI Quality Sidewalks.

If necessary, our sidewalk inspectors will make minor repairs to sidewalks with DOT violations. They will also often recommend concrete restoration services, which can increase the lifespan of the sidewalk in question and close up any existing cracks which may make your sidewalk slip and fall or trip and fall dangerous.

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